Delivery & Installation

Delivery & Installation

Our seasoned team of installers work closely with Henriksen/Butler project managers to ensure that your product is set up the way you need it, when you want it.

Henriksen/Butler Services manages delivery and installation projects for Henriksen/Butler. This seasoned team of installers works closely with H/B project managers to ensure the product is set up the way you want it, when you want it. We place high priority on product and installation training. Our installers receive ongoing field training in layout, print reading, final walkthrough and punch list inspection. This translates into more timely and efficient furniture installation. Our seasoned installation teams help to guarantee that every project undertaken by Henriksen/Butler and Henriksen/Butler Services results in a satisfied customer.

The services we provide include:

  • Field verification and installation drawings
  • Storage prior to installation
  • Order entry, confirmation and tracking
  • Delivery to the site
  • Weekly lead time updates
  • Installation
  • Receipt of goods
  • Surface and interiors wipe down
  • Inspection of goods at delivery
  • Post installation clean-up
  • Freight claims
  • Punchlist follow through
  • Repairs/replacements as necessary

Proper product delivery and installation are critical to meeting your project schedules and processes. With warehouse facilities in every market we serve, Henriksen/Butler is ready to receive your order. We can inspect, verify, de-trash, store and stage deliveries before the product is installed in your office. Because we truly care about the outcome of your project and your complete satisfaction, we can also help process damage reports or file freight claims.