Workplace Strategy

Space has a powerful impact on People, Organizations and the Bottom Line.

We recognize the critical role space plays in an organization’s success. Physical places should be approached as an organically evolving asset that can express organizational culture and provide individuals with a meaningful connection to work and colleagues. It is a platform for increased productivity and effectiveness, focused more on the human experience of interaction and creation.

Change is Inevitable

How is Today’s Working Environment Changing?

  • Record Low Unemployment and War for Great Talent
  • Multiple-Generations in Workplace with Differing Expectations of Place
  • Need for Better Communication and Sharing of Ideas
  • More Flexibility Required in Spaces Than Ever Before

Why it Matters

How is Your Space Functioning?

  • Hardworking or Hindrance?
  • Cost or Asset?
  • Intuitive or Frustrating?
  • Invigorating or Debilitating?
  • Shaped by Insight or Instinct?
  • Static or Dynamic?

Our talented team of Workplace Strategists can transform your space into an environment that attracts and nurtures the talented people working to bring your organization’s purpose to life. We provide research-based insights and a framework for applying them into your workplace design approach. Together with your design partners, we imagine concepts and explore how to fulfill your organization’s unique needs.

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Read more in "The Evolution of Workplace Design: Supporting the Work of Today" by VP of Design and Workplace Strategist Melanie Charlton, and watch our Workplace Reimagined series exploring new ways to improve how we work with special guest presenters and panel discussions.

ACTIVATE: Workplace Strategy & Design

- Workplace Knowledge & Insight Seminar
- Workplace Analysis

CREATE: Consider the Possibilities
- Visioning of Business Priorities & Culture
- Customer Discovery Process

EMPLOY: Employ Settings That Work
- Workplace Evaluation
- Space Utilization & Analysis
- Design the Solution

EVOLVE: Evolve to Keep Pace with Change
- Workplace Change Management
- Asset Management
- Employee Health & Wellbeing Analytics

Before you invest in a new workplace design, consider the possibilities for an office uniquely suited to your organization. Then let us help you set realistic goals and shape an environment that’s fine-tuned to the way your people work.

Explore the Possibilities

Before you invest your time and money into a new workplace design, contact us to explore the possibilities of a more strategic approach.

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