Prefab Interior Construction

At HB Build, we are a team of specialist with over a decade of experience building smart workspaces with revolutionary visualization and planning tools.

We guide clients through the process of building smarter, from design through completion, so that their workspaces and facilities work even harder.

It’s time to rethink what interior construction is and how it works. Sure, you could go the traditional route with delays, disruption, and disarray. But we’re guessing you prefer shorter schedules, fewer unknowns, and more control over the process, budget, and results.

Using agile modeling and visualization technologies and prefab construction, we make design, accurate pricing, and complete customization possible. Together, we model, reconfigure, and update on-the-fly until it meets your exact specifications and budget. Then, we take care of the rest from fabrication through installation.

More importantly, we put you in control – overseeing every step, managing to the dollar, and rejoicing in our always on-time, as expected, and on-budget process. In the end, our predictive architectural spaces grow with you through every update, expansion, and contraction. Wherever you go, we’re built to follow.

A Falkbuilt Partner

Digital Component Construction

Powered by Echo technology, Falkbuilt uses proven construction methods to build beautiful, high-performing and cost-effective environments. Falkbuilt provides interior construction solutions that are delivered faster, with less waste and endless design options.

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