Doing It Right This Time

Creating Customizable, Sustainable Architectural Interiors.

DIRTT believes to do better, we need to build better. DIRTT is the global leader of fully-customized interiors. By embracing technology and taking a more sustainable approach to building, we can create stronger, smarter, more functional spaces than through conventional construction practices.

DIRTT’s differentiation is in its cutting-edge ICE Technology software. It’s a video game for design with brains for business. ICE software provides graphical, interactive exploration of your design and allows you to view it in 3D. Behind the scenes it instantly calculates the necessary parts, pieces, connections and pricing. Changes are simple as ICE automatically updates every aspect. The final information goes to the DIRTT factory where your project is manufactured to precision.

ICEberg is a powerful construction cost-comparison tool that allows you to see the cost of your project using customized architectural construction solutions versus conventional construction.

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Our Stakeholders:

  • Facility Owners - Creating flexible, high quality spaces that deliver exceptional business results, DIRTT utilizes proprietary software and revolutionary manufacturing methods to meet your exacting needs. Read more.
  • Architects and Designers -DIRTT gives you the freedom and tools to design custom spaces exactly how you imagine them; cost competitive, custom, and fast. Read more.
  • General Contractors - A sub-trade you can rely on for clean, rapid installs; the DIRTT approach ensures improved worksite safety, and skilled support throughout the construction process. Read more.

Our Markets:

  • Healthcare - Create spaces that do more for the people who use them; DIRTT’s custom solutions help reduce infection, integrate medical technology and create more caring, less clinical environments. Read more.
  • Education - Using DIRTT’s 3D imaging software, educators can immerse themselves in the design process to create educational spaces that will inspire new ways of thinking and learning. Read more.
  • Commercial - Dynamic, flexible spaces that represent your brand and support your business goals, now and way into the future, are realized using DIRTT’s modular interior construction methodology. Read more.


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