Furnishings + Accessories

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No space is complete without the right mix of furniture and accessories. Early in the process, we meet with clients to address their unique needs and culture. Together, we determine what it will take to support their people, the work they perform, and the tools they need. We make sure that every element works together to achieve a full design solution.

We believe great work happens in great spaces. That belief is the core of our business. Our trained workplace designers collaborate with customers, architects, and designers to deliver environments that are human centered and problem solving. Our team works to ensure furniture supports individual needs, ergonomic considerations, and optimal environments for the activities being carried out in any space. Advanced specification software and visualization tools allow for real-time changes, saving you precious time and money.

Working together with HB, customers have access to a vast range of brands, pricing, aesthetics, and styles. We invite you to visit us in person -- bring your team, your designers, architects, contractors, your valued employees. Come explore our spaces and meet our team. Together we will solve problems, innovate, and create a workspace that inspires you to do great things.

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Space Planning + Specification

Our designers consider traffic flow, meeting spaces, equipment location, the flow of power and data and the quality and movement of conversation and light. They consider aesthetic choices, corporate culture, along with community and individual needs in the development of space planning drawings. The resulting drawings are detailed enough for electricians to quickly power every outlet, IT personnel to deliver data quickly and efficiently, managers to understand where team meetings will be held and employees to know where they’ll hang their coats.

Ancillary Capabilities

Selecting the right ancillary solutions requires specialists who are deeply versed in the emerging providers, products and trends. At HB, our knowledgeable and creative team of product experts support designers and customers in finding the highest quality furnishings from hundreds of different manufacturers, all while supporting the design aesthetic and project budget.

With excellent vendor relationships and extensive ancillary project experience, our team is uniquely positioned to be your go-to partner for selecting and sourcing products for vibrant, productive, one-of-a kind spaces. On top of that, we can advise on which vendors are the most reliable, have the best warranty and the best lead time to meet your project schedule. All of this combined ensures the success of your ancillary project.

Explore the Possibilities - Product Solutions.

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As your workplace strategies and needs change, your furniture should adapt and change along with you. Our customers love our products because they are the easiest on the market to reconfigure. When change becomes necessary for your business, downtime is kept to a minimum and your team is back to work quickly, with minimal disruption. HB's team of talented designers regularly assists customers in reconfiguring their existing furniture to make better use of space or adjust to changes in their business strategy.

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