Boise, ID

In Partnership with - Cushing Terrell

Attracting some of Boise's best talent, this tech headquarters is a step above the competition.

Kount’s new headquarters was designed to propel the company into the next decade. Floorplans with flexibility to connect teams and promote collaboration, this innovative workspace is housed in one of Boise’s oldest, most historic downtown buildings. Height adjustable desks and ergonomic seating enhance workstations in an open floor plan design, with adjacent to state-of-the-art conference rooms and comfortable lounges.

“Everything about Kount’s new global headquarters is intentional. From the location in vibrant downtown Boise to a grand boardroom with mountain views, flexible video conference rooms to spacious, bright breakrooms with inviting furniture, our place to work fosters collaboration, focus, and fun. And, our team members have a great sense of ownership of our headquarters. We created large vision boards to encourage everyone to write notes about what they wanted to see in the new space, and what kind of furniture they thought would inspire the most collaborative work environment. HB took all of this feedback and integrated a lot of the suggestions into the building. The result is a world-class workplace that we are proud to share with each other as well as our customers, partners, and community.”
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Kount Kate Lenz | VP Human Resources

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