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Herman Miller Online Insight Series

This Spring and Summer, we are partnering with industry experts to bring you pertinent learning opportunities and CEU courses to support great design and thought leadership via our online learning insights series.

April 16, 2020

This series of events will be held entirely online, providing you the flexibility to join us digitally wherever you find your work environment. We know that we are all under unfamiliar constraints right now and we want to ensure you that our support for you will remain constant. We look forward to bringing these learning opportunities to you. For more information about these events, see below.

Upcoming Events

CEU: Condition Critical - Clinician Stress and Workplace Implications
Presented by Gail Caldwell, Healthcare Clinical Strategist at Herman Miller

In this course, you will learn why workplace design is an important factor in improving not only the caregiver’s experience, but also the patient experience. You will also learn how workplace design can have a significant impact on caregiver behaviors, attitudes, and well-being, and, ultimately organizational prosperity. Finally, you will explore the implications of design for caregiver resiliency, respite, and restoration.

Return to Office Strategies: People, Work, and Place in a COVID Environment
Presented by Katie Finlayson, Workplace Strategist and Change Management Consultant with Herman Miller's Workplace Performance Team

Description: As we turn our attention to our suddenly revised future of workplace, we’re faced with difficult realities. Along with the top-of-mind issues such as occupancy schedules, cleaning protocols, work point seat spacing, and cost optimization of real estate, it is equally imperative that we examine factors that affect work for the next six months, one year, even longer.


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