H/B Build Team

A dedicated team of construction experts in a cutting-edge industry.

The H/B Build division is supported by a passionate team of industry certified experts. As the technology of customized architectural construction rapidly increases, they continually improve and train to manage the most intricate projects. For the past 10 years, the H/B Build team has strived to be an invaluable resource to contractors, architects, designers and end users across the intermountain region. With unparalleled industry experience, the team manages and oversees every aspect of design, specification, proposal, installation and final closeout.

  • Jason Symons

    Jason Symons Vice President, H/B Build

    As a founding member of the H/B Build division, Jason has helped design and shape a capability unlike any other in the marketplace. Leading a team of experts to develop unique solutions for interior construction, Jason is an industry innovator. Jason holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Idaho and is an LEED Accredited Professional. He has over 20 years’ experience working in nearly every facet of the construction industry. As VP of H/B Build, Jason leads a dream team that consistently delivers custom, cutting-edge environments.

  • Kurt Gentry

    Kurt Gentry Vice President, Market Development

    Kurt has worked in the commercial construction industry since 2014 and joined the H/B team in 2018. Kurt’s career spanned the full evolution of media from television and radio to digital marketing, eventually leading to the world of software development. Merging his interest in technology and architecture, Kurt helps customers realize the full potential of interior construction and the robust capabilities of H/B Build.

  • Carrie Roe

    Carrie Roe Senior Project Manager

    Carrie has 16 years of progressive project management experience and is DIRTT certified in her role as PM. Carrie skillfully manages even the most complex projects while demonstrating next-level professionalism and communication. She develops parameters and establishes clear paths to ensure plans are on schedule and within scope. Carrie’s passion for customer service translates into meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering work ethic.

  • Ryker Harding

    Ryker Harding Estimator/Project Manager

    Ryker has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Idaho and received his MBA in 2015. Additionally, he holds a general construction contractor license from the State of Utah and worked in the construction industry for 10 years prior to joining H/B Build. This unique background allows him to understand the complexities of construction. Ryker’s construction management experience focused on healthcare where he provided operational oversight of seven home-health facilities in Utah. Ryker is passionate about helping customers better understand the construction process and works diligently to ensure H/B Build delivers exceptional results.

  • Lisa Jimenez

    Lisa Jimenez Designer/Project Manager

    Lisa was awarded DIRTT Designer of the Year for 2018. With a Master of Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico, Lisa Jimenez brings seven years of industry experience to the H/B Build team. She is experienced in a variety of design applications including designing for residential, commercial, hospitality and government projects. Her responsibilities with H/B Build encompass all phases of the project process from initial concept to scope completion. Lisa provides exceptional results for clients with her knowledge of both the DIRTT approach and the art of design.

  • Bernadette Muniz

    Bernadette Muniz Designer/Project Manager

    Having received a Master of Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico, “Bernie” is a valuable member of the H/B Build team. She has performed to the highest standards in virtually every role in the industry including time as a drafter, coordinator, account manager and designer. With her advanced technical knowledge, Bernadette helps customers visualize their spaces through ICE, a state of the art space rendering software and ICEReality, which provides clients a virtual reality tour of their future workspace.

  • Ashley Searcy

    Ashley Searcy Designer/Project Manager

    Holding a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design, Ashley brings a unique perspective to the built environment as she shares her knowledge on sustainable design practices. Ashley excels in creating stunning interior spaces that both please the eye and pay tribute to the ecosystem. Ashley has 15 years of experience in design, with an emphasis on interiors. Her full-service design capabilities have made Ashley a significant asset to the H/B Build team.

  • Mike Nicoli

    Mike Nicoli Project Manager

    Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University. Mike has been an outstanding DIRTT certified Project Manager for 8 years. Prior to falling in love with the concept of DIRTT construction, Mike spent 6 years in project management in the field of Landscape Architecture. Mike is exceptional at his craft and demands that every detail be carefully thought through prior to a project reaching the client’s desk. Anyone who works with Mike knows his even temperament and meticulous focus guarantees a successful outcome.

  • Cari Junge

    Cari Junge Project Manager

    Cari has a Bachelor of Arts degree and an Associates of Science degree in Architecture. She has enjoyed many years working in the architectural and design community. Cari has worked with some of the best in the industry; Thiele & Graham Architects in San Francisco, Perkins & Will Architecture in Chicago, MHTN Architects and Gould-Evans Architecture in Salt Lake City. Cari has experience in a full range of architectural disciplines, from strategic planning and programming, to Feng Shui design. Her strong character is defined in having finished 8 Ironman races and a dedication to her degree in Wellness Management.

  • Shuchita Jain

    Shuchita Jain Designer

    Shuchita holds a Masters of Urban Planning from Texas A&M University and has seven years of multi-national design experience. Along with her passion for all things sustainable she brings a range of state-of-the-art project planning and management skills on board. Shuchita’s comprehensive understanding of the built environment and industry trends helps the H/B Build team deliver more rounded solutions, ensuring customers long term success.