About H/B Build

Powerful solutions for your interior environment come together with H/B Build.

New technologies, cutting-edge software and advanced manufacturing processes are creating major innovations in the way interiors are built. Partnering with DIRTT and the industry’s most innovative solutions providers, Henriksen/Butler’s Custom Prefabricated Solutions division delivers exceptional results. This new way of building challenges the inefficiencies of conventional approaches and brings Interior Construction onto a more sophisticated footing.

H/B Build collaborates to deliver intelligent, flexible, sustainable interiors. Our team of professionals, many of which hold advanced degrees in architecture and interior design, work with contractors, designers, architects and end users to price, render, order and install cutting-edge interiors.

Instructure Headquarters Embarks on Eco and Quick Move With H/B Build and DIRTT
Working together with Instructure and HUB Studios, Henriksen/Butler’s Build team moved this headquarters office to their permanent space with virtually no construction waste or downtime.

Leveraging our experience and exclusive partnerships, H/B Build provides superior value across healthcare, education and corporate sectors. Maximized speed, future-proofed flexibility, high-end form and function; these are just a few of the powerful benefits of customized pre-fabricated construction. Check out these specialty capabilities to discover how H/B Build can deliver for you.