Our Team

We are committed customer advocates.

In an industry that is complex and requires a significant learning curve for most key positions, nothing can replace experience. Henriksen/Butler's senior leadership team works side-by-side with over 200 tenured and talented employees to assist you and your business.

  • Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Principal, Market President, Reno

  • Heather Bressler

    Heather Bressler Principal, Market President, Las Vegas

  • Melanie Charlton

    Melanie Charlton Vice President, Design & Workplace Strategy

  • Tony Coda

    Tony Coda Principal, President, H/B Services

  • David Colling

    David Colling Principal, CEO

  • Zach Fronk

    Zach Fronk Principal, Market President, Idaho

  • Mark Hendrickson

    Mark Hendrickson Principal, Market President, Southern Utah

  • Dennis Hobb

    Dennis Hobb SVP, Continuous Improvement

  • Jacy Jacobson

    Jacy Jacobson Vice President, Human Resources

  • Rob Lundquist

    Rob Lundquist Principal, President, Spacesaver Intermountain

  • Vanessa Menke

    Vanessa Menke Design Manager

  • Jeremy Raulinaitis

    Jeremy Raulinaitis EVP Operations

  • Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor Principal, Chief Financial Officer

  • Paige Wright

    Paige Wright Principal, President, Utah