Our People

You're in good company at HB.

Our team is full of smart, driven people who conduct business with honesty, integrity and accountability. We recognize the fundamental value of every individual and believe that diverse talents, skills and backgrounds combine to strengthen the collective whole.

How We Work Together

Someone once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” From the initial design to final installation, you have a team of experienced people working together in the pursuit of mutual success. Committing the same team to you every day allows us to minimize human error, develop deep relationships based on trust, and drive efficiency. And, our commitment to you doesn’t end after the successful completion of your project – ongoing service and timeless style are all part of the deal.

Our Executive Team

We are committed customer advocates. In an industry that is complex and requires a significant learning curve for most key positions, nothing can replace experience. Our senior leadership team works side-by-side with over 200 tenured and talented employees to assist you and your business.

David Colling

Heather Bressler

Ian Anderson

Jacy Jacobson

Jeremy Raulinaitis

Mark Hendrickson

Melanie Charlton

Mike Taylor

Paige Wright

Rob Lundquist

Tony Coda

Zach Fronk

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