HB Build—A DIRTT Partner

Our prefabricated interior construction division, HB Build, has an expert team of architects, designers and construction specialists to help you visualize, create and build your perfect interior solution.


Our exclusive partnership with DIRTT allows us to deliver unique interiors with agile architectural solutions. The result is a powerful investment for our customers both initially and long-term. DIRTT believes to do better, we need to build better. By embracing technology and taking a more sustainable approach to building, we can create stronger, smarter, more functional spaces than through conventional construction practices.

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HB Build Team

HB Build is a group of construction specialists with the singular focus on custom modular construction for interiors. Our team is comprised of DIRTT-certified experts, an invaluable resource to general contractors, architects, designers, and end users. Leverage our experience and exclusive partnerships to provide superior value across your healthcare, education, government or business facility.

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Paige Wright

Jason Symons, M.Arch., LEED AP

Kurt Gentry

Heather Bressler, LEED AP

Carrie Roe

Michael Nicoli

Lisa Jimenez, M.Arch.

Bernadette Muniz, M.Arch.

Ashley Searcy

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HB Build can help you build the perfect interior space for what you need now and in the future.

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